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Let them talk nonsense
Here's what we should do with this kind of ill opinions - as hard as it is, let those who express them be interviewed. They do the best job in debunking their own claims Female CEO: A woman shouldn't be president http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/18/politics/ceo-women-shouldnt-be-president/
Wow. You're completely right, though. Listening to those speak about these ridiculous claims often just reinforces how ridiculous they are. I guess this doesn't always work, though, particularly when it comes to influential speakers.
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I like your way of thinking there @orenshani7.
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All we would have to fear then is someone like this who has a wiser way with words, such a way that can convince others. It is the eloquent speakers that can convince the gullible that their ideas are good and just.
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Oh goodness...
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