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If you have any old leggings you don't use anymore or don't fit, don't throw them away! Here's a cute idea to turn your leggings into shirts!
So first you want to get a pair of leggings and set it out flat. All you need for this are scissors and leggings. 1. Lay your leggings 2. in the middle of where you're legs start, (like in the triangle place) cut a small V out or a circle. don't make it too big though And that's it, you're done!
Watch the video here to know a little bit better on how to do it. I hope yours comes out great! Comment if you tried it!
Wow! I have so many pairs of old leggings and they're just sitting there. I need to do this! @JackieBedolla Thanks for sharing. @alise @maymay75 you guys might love this!
I'm glad you guys like this! @stargaze @alise
wow this is actually really cute and really clever
I had done already 馃槢 When i was in 7th
If I make that top and Philip sees me, he won't be quick to pick up his video games. love this.
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