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Hey everyone ^^ I finally got around to doing my playlist... I am so slow XD
For my playlist I wanted it to be a sort of welcome pack to anyone who doesn't know what K-Pop is :D
Ive added a few of the songs that got me hooked on K-Pop because if they worked for me, I'm almost certain they would work for some other people too :)
1. Alone - Sistar
For those of you who read my introduction to the K-Pop Community card, you most likely guessed that this would be on my list XD
This was my first K-Pop song and it hooked me immediately, I think it is a good song to introduce non-Kpoppers to K-Pop as it's not so intense as to scare them away, and its not too slow that they will get bored either, plus the dance looks so cool that I'm sure most people will want to try it. Also if hot girls are your thing then that just adds another plus to this :P
2. Reason to Become a Witch - NS Yoonji (NS Yoon-G)
This was another of the earliest K-Pop songs I heard, the fact that I am a big fan of Pop music made this an instant hit with me, and I think it is so fun and catchy that almost anyone who likes Pop music could appreciate this. When I first watched this my dad thought I was watching a Britney Spears video XD
3. Incredible - Xia (feat. Quincy)
I think this is probably about one of the most english friendly K-Pop songs in existence, on top of that it is just an incredibly good song, and the chorus is something almost anyone can sing along too ^^ When I first heard this song I ended up having it on repeat for about two weeks XD
4. Danger - BTS
I can imagine at this point it is highly possible someone would start to complain that all K-Pop is just the same old Pop music, thats the point I would hit them (Not literally) with this little bit of Hip-Hop brilliance, a little intense maybe but I think any fans of this genre would handle it pretty well :)
5. Magnet - EvoL
To keep those who are into Hip-Hop interested and wanting more I would move to this awesome girl group, This is one of my all time favourite songs, also just a little fun fact about the group, the E and the L in the title of their name are both capitalized so that you can reverse their name to say LovE :)
6. Pray - FT Island
If rock is more your thing than you're in luck we can cater to your likes as well, I adore this song, which is funy because I'm not that big a fan of rock music, well at least not when it's as intense as this, still I think anyone who likes this kind of music would really enjoy this ^^
7. Just Another Girl - Kim Jaejoong
Ok so if FT Islands song was a little too much for you then that is ok, you have Jaejoong to fall back on, and this is by no means a step down either, this is such an awesome song, and although it isn't quite as intense its still packs a pretty impressive vocal punch I think rock fans could enjoy this :)
8. Born Hater - Epik High (feat. Bobby, B.I, Verbal Jint, Beenzino, and Mino)
If straight rap is your thing I think you will enjoy this, I to this day cannot skip this song, and as a big fan of rap music, I can happily say that this easily stands on its feet next to American Rap music... at least it does in my opinion :)
9. Joke - Rap Monster
As I previously stated I am a big fan of rap music, and I find this incredibly impressive, and an overall good song :D for me Rap Monster (along with Tablo) is in my top 4 rappers in all music, from any country^^
10. Rose - Lee Hi
Finally we come to the more ballad side of music, if this kind of music is your style then I think you're going to like this, Lee Hi's voice is just so stunning, I absolutely love her, and I think most peole easily could :)
11. My Old Story - IU
Another incredible ballad singer in the world of K-Pop, wether you like this sort of music or not, you cannot deny this girls talent as a singer, the emotion she is able to convey in her songs is so amazing <3
12. Perfume - K.Will & Noel (Jeon Woo Sung)
This song, I only wish I could sing like one of these guys, truly an incredible song, and a fantastic ballad :)
Well that cocludes my list, I am considering doing another part cause I didnt have enough time to add all the songs I wanted here, anyway I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this would have the potential to interest some non-Kpoppers in K-Pop.
Thanks for reading <3
@jiggzy19 thanks <3
Yeah I was correct thinking that this list would be DAEBAK ;D WHERE DO I START!! I'm so happy you added R.M (Rap Monster) to this playlist! The feels ! THE FEELS! Ugh just so so so HAPPY when I listened to this list! Great job!
xia incredible damn such a great awesome songg love ur listtt :) .
You and your Sistar hahahahahaha
Love it! :)
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