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So changed the trucks over to give it a bit more freeridy feel. Gone on to paris 180 50* from sabre gc190 45* so far so good :) thought I would of lost some stability but tbh it's still really stable. Happy days
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@Mannith yeah and paris arnt as divey. I was chatting to crunchie about hangers n some of the dudes he skates with have as narrow as 160mm for downhill to add grip
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Is that one of the newer Earthwing decks that they made with their "unbelievium" technology?
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@ThtYoungElwoodJ yup. Although I don't know what they meant. "Form follows function" n all that lol
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@crazyheart Would you recommend it? I'm totally suckered in by the technology but I feel like the 100% no flex would be akward for anything but religious downhill and I know with the "cereal bowl" concave all around the edge into the kicktail Ima board slide it and shove-it too
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@ThtYoungElwoodJ yeah i would defo recommend it dude. I think earthwing make some great decks. It is primarily a downhill board but with your favourite trucks n wheels it would make an awesome freeride board. It's got sweet concave so it slides smooth. Check out the hoopty 34 aswel
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