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Morning: Upon waking up drink a cup of water. Prepare a cup of tea( dandelion, ginger, or peppermint are recommended for this week). While sipping on your tea prepare breakfast. Breakfast: Plain Greek Yogurt Add 1 item of fruit and 1 item of nuts and sweeten it with honey. Choose from this list of fruits/nuts: Strawberries Bananas Kiwi Raisins Sunflower seed Almonds
Lunch: Salad Choose dark leafy greens salad premix at your local groceries store.
To the mix you can add: Carrots Broccoli Celery For protein you can add: Diced egg Beans( such as: garbanzo, black bean, kidney bean, lima bean) Grilled chicken Grilled salmon For the dressing avoid cream based dressing and try using vinegar based. PS. Avoid red meat during this week, and try and focus on eating vegetarian.
Dinner: You can choose your option for dinner from the following: Lentil Soup
Budget tip. I will personally choose two or more of the options from above and alternate between the two so that I don’t get tired of the repetitive dinner, this will keep your grocery list much shorter and cheaper.
@stargaze thanks for the tip. Will do it next time.
@sophiamor I have been on and off from red meat and I do feel less fatigue when I avoid red meat.
I usually end my day with peppermint tea. I don't think I've ever started my day with it. I'll give it a go tomorrow and let you know!
I had greek yogurt this morning :) This sounds a lot better than a juice detox, that's for sure!
@sophiamor @MarleneVarona Same here and it was the best decision I've ever made!
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