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A group of foreigners who are seemingly backed by a company are claiming to be debuting as a “K-Pop Group” using the name EXP. However, controversy is already following them as the group is using the tagline “EXP Planet” on their Instagram.  EXO-L fans, as well as K-Pop fans in general, are showing their outrage at the group for claiming to be a K-Pop band and using the tagline “EXP Planet”. The tagline is extremely similar to EXO’s, which is “EXO Planet”. The groups Instagram description reads,“The 1st+only NYC born K-Pop band! Our debut single, “LUV//WRONG” drops soon, stay tuned!!”. They continue on to say, “The boys’ first single, “LUV//WRONG” will also be released on iTunes soon! Lyrics co-written by the boys! Be sure to come early and stay after, we will also be showing work that we’ve been preparing since October.” Fans have been leaving disapproving comments in their photos, claiming the group is copying EXO’s concept with their name and tagline, as well as having nothing to do with K-Pop. cr: koreaboo
Okay....like what the Buck?? I'd hate to give these..... fellows....any more publicity than necessary but.....really now?? It'd be a totally different brand of fail if they had an original concept .....but this is.....
I think to be branded as kpop.....you know what? I'm not even gonna go into it. Not going there but.....be classy and at least get your own concept.
Yeahhhh I'm talking to you, EXP from EXP planet. Exo-L is not.....I repeat, IS NOT a fandom you wanna mess with. Just sayin. What do y'all think of this farce??
Oh come on, you don't get to be a K-Pop group just by declaring yourself one, or the fact that you might sing in Korean, I don't see how they think they could succeed. It sounds to me more like they are trying to make fun of K-Pop
I heard that this was started by a student at Columbia University who is doing some kind of graduate school project about the Korean music industry. For his/her research they created this group! Still doesn't excuse their lammmmmme name but hopefully it means they wont be around much longer after their research is done...
I knoooowwwww!! @jiggzy19 I was pretty peeved to say the least. Like if it wasn't embarrassing enough that they don't appear to be Korean and from the U.S. branding themselves as "Kpop"..... they hafta kipe EXO's concept almost exactly.....like they just picked P bc O was taken.....like come onnnnnnnnn..... SM should find these dudes and b*tch$lap them with a lawsuit.
Indeed I know I was on the defensive.....had my torch lit and my pitchfork ready @Uniangel18 Lmao....#KpopMafia But for real tho....we stick together and protect our own<3
wait... as I looked through all the comments.. I kinda just smiled because we were like all united and I swear if we we're standing together making this discussion ...there Really would have been pitchforks and torches... Lol @PassTheSuga but Hey we're just protecting the fandom from haterz ...can't really blame us #KpopOneBigFamily uh huh... I feel like a MOM
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