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Frozen + Kids usually = adorable, but this is even more adorable than any of the other kid reactions and reenactions of Frozen that I've seen!
I LOVE that these kids just sing with their own voices, rather than faking it or trying to imitate the voice of the adult singers. Just be yourself, guys!!
Wouldn't this be crazy fun to re-enact with your boyfriend or something? I know Hans kind of (spoiler alert!!!) sucks when it comes down to it, but that doesn't make this moment any less adorable. Minus the whole I-just-met-you-and-we-should-get-married thing. Because that's a little weird.
They're so adorable!!!! Are they siblings or what though? lol they look so alike
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@timeturnerjones I'm not sure, but if they are cuteness definitely runs in their family!
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It's a really sweet video. Let kids be kids is right. They don't need to grow up so fast.
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