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It's almost May, and that means summer vacations, graduations and people leaving town for jobs or family. That means a lot of goodbyes.
I am the worst at not only saying goodbye, but keeping in touch afterwards. If you aren't physically in front of me at least once a week, chances are we won't talk regularly. But! I've decided that this is my year to change that, and I'm going to work on making my goodbyes actually mean something:

Stay In Touch

First off, get the info you need:
Facebook - The best friend-stalking service. Insta works too. The tricky part is you can fall into the habit of seeing what your friends are doing, but never actually talking to them about it. You stay informed but not involved. Not a great relationship!
Phone Number - Archaic, I know, but did you know that you can actually call people these days?! Hearing someone's voice is so much more powerful than any text conversation you can have.
Email - Phone numbers change, FB can be down, but chances are, an email will remain the same. Have that baby saved in your address book in case of emergency.
Address - I am a big BIG fan of care packages, letters, or just ridiculous "Hi, I miss you," cards. Send something they can hold, read, or use.

Short Term Goodbyes

Make Plans - They're leaving for a month? Make plans for getting coffee or meeting up the week or so after they return. Have the plan marked on both your calendars!
Stay in Touch - If they're backpacking in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, I get it, SnapChat might not work. But do your best to keep up with what they're doing and just drop a "hey" once a week.

Long Term Goodbyes

Extend Your Goodbye - The most moving goodbyes I can think of was when I came home from two different study abroad experiences. Both times, my friends and host-families would write me letters for me to read on the plane home. It was heartbreaking to read their letters, but now I have them as momentos and I'll never forget their friendship. Writing a heartfelt letter is a great way to let a friend know you'll truly miss them.
Be Realistic - You aren't going to talk on the phone everyday, so don't make that promise. Be realistic about how much you'll talk to each other, and when you might get a chance to see them again. Dreaming is nice, but it becomes a sort of let down when you don't actually skype once for an entire year when you promised to skype every week.
Be Understanding - You're busy, they're busy too. Don't get mad if a text goes unanswered, they're in a different place, possible different time zone, and definitely in a different situation. Chill out, you're still friends!
I always want to send letters, but find myself not doing it. Or, sending and never hearing they got it, or just finding out their address has changed!!
A real shame the old fashioned phone call is now considered archaic. There's nothing really... personable about social media I think. I need to have a phone convo if you're far or a sunny afternoon and a cup of coffee if you're not.
Knowing when you'll see someone next always helps, too! But that's not always possible for more long term changes
Just put my friend on a flight off to Vietnam until who knows when! Email and Facebook is our first line of defense :)
Emails are strangely becoming my new go-to thing. I feel like such a mom but since letters take so long to get there and we might (?) talk on the phone before it reaches, I like emails. They send so quick, and they're more like a letter than a meaningless text!!
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