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I haven't been posting as much because I've been so busy practicing for my school musical! Last night was opening night, and it was fantastic! As you can see, I play Mayzie La Bird in Suessical! I was lucky enough to be able to design and create my entire costume (even the wig!!) so I'll definitely have some photos in the weeks to come! And fun fact, these are coincidentally my favorite eyelashes ever (my director bought them).
Also, I am auditioning for the dance group Dansu to Pantsu (@DansuToPansu). As some may know, I graduated a few years ago. But I'm trying to follow my heart-- which says to audition.
Please wish me luck as I prepare for auditioning!
(Also, I know this isn't exactly cosplay, but I thought it fit the costuming part well enough to post here? Maybe? Ok.)
Angie! So pretty!! Your costume portfolio is going to look so good~
Great that they let you take the liberty of designing your costume. Not many schools would allow that, I think.
I don't think we met but good luck with your audition! Sounds like a lot of fun. By the way, what falsies are you using! They're so cute!
I want more shots of your wig!!! I know her hair has to be INSANE, so I want to see the whole thing lol