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Shot Glasses Made of Ice
With Spring in full swing and graduation parties (and SUMMER) just around the corner, you have got to try making these shot glasses out of ICE! A little food coloring will make these shot glasses a lot of fun. And don't forget, tonic water glows under a black light! Oh the fun you can have with this DIY!
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I like these new science diy you got goin on @daniachicago gonna show my coworker these he would like this.
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I can't believe he just crushed the iced glasses like that without hurting his hands.
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Pretty cool, though, right? @stargaze. These would be so much fun for a grad party and for a summertime function. And...maybe a tipsy wedding. LOL
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Tagging @nixonwoman because I think she might like this too. (maybe get your bartenders in Miami to do this too) lol
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