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With Spring in full swing and graduation parties (and SUMMER) just around the corner, you have got to try making these shot glasses out of ICE! A little food coloring will make these shot glasses a lot of fun. And don't forget, tonic water glows under a black light! Oh the fun you can have with this DIY!
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I like these new science diy you got goin on @daniachicago gonna show my coworker these he would like this.
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I can't believe he just crushed the iced glasses like that without hurting his hands.
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Pretty cool, though, right? @stargaze. These would be so much fun for a grad party and for a summertime function. And...maybe a tipsy wedding. LOL
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Tagging @nixonwoman because I think she might like this too. (maybe get your bartenders in Miami to do this too) lol
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