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So, ever wonder what fire sounds like?
Apparently, the Ruben's Tube is nothing more than a flame tube where sound waves are pumped into a tube that is lit on fire. When music plays the flames are then manipulated in patterns that are unbelievable to watch!
Watch this video FIRST. Skip the intro and watch from :50 seconds.
Watch this video second to get an idea of how this was done.
Cool, but how do I do it myself?
@kristenadams I updated the card. I forgot to attach. Oops. :) lol You can watch the video now to get all the tools and how-to so you can make this. It's really cool.
If this was in a club on a large scale, this would be awesome!
Lite brite came to mind when I saw this. I'd say this is really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I dont know how to make this without freaking out. hHAHA