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Years ago, I learned a simple trick to help me bring out the juice of citrus fruit. Squeezing the juice out, is difficult and daunting sometimes. It is especially difficult when you don’t have a juicer.
After experimenting, I found that it’s relatively simple and effective to use a fork!
Insert a fork into the fruit, then begin squeezing while moving the fork up and down to extract all the juice quickly. This simple juicing tip will make juicing citrus fruit an easier and quicker task.
Use this on anything from grapefruit to tangerines!
Here are some great juice recipes for you to try out:
o.k. thanks v
Can I just tell you?,...I have a juicer and never use it. I love this idea. Does that make me lazy? :( I think the fork idea is quick too.
Great tip for baking too *cough* lemon bars *cough*
Just in time for lemonade season!
If you roll the fruit on a hard surface for a few seconds before cutting it to juice, you get a lot more out of it!
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