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Are people still seriously asking this question?
Look, I'm not asking this to get into a fight, but I'm genuinely curious if anyone here believes that we shouldn't give or receive vaccinations and why.
I personally am for vaccination--I see all the medical reasons that we should, and also am familiar with just how much vaccines have done to help people survive in the long run.
But I keep seeing news and arguments against vaccinations, and I can't help but feel that it's only a few outliers who are against vaccinations, so I wanted to ask: are you for or against vaccines? Are there people other than those few we see in the news that don't want vaccines to be required?
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My stance on vaccinations is complicated. There is just too much overwhelming proof that vaccinations have been a blessing to humanity. I cannot argue that. However, there are too many children being diagnosed with Aspergers, among other things. From what I have read and heard, the human body cannot handle the high levels of toxic mercury, which is used in these vaccines. If you took half the amount of mercury used in these vaccines and poured it into the water, you'd be guilty of "an act of terrorism." And rightly so. Now, how can we justify injecting mercury products into the bloodstream of babies and infants? I believe that there is an over arching agenda to reduce the population. Part of this is immobilizing humans from either living or from having the ability to procreate.
I actually don't like vaccinations. I would avoid it every flu season because my past experience with vaccination shots are horrid. Just for the record, I don't get sick often but whenever I get vaccinated I end up being sick for 1+ weeks. So, No for me.
I'm an overwhemling "why wouldn't you vaccinate," but I'm curious to see what others think.
I guess I should specify. @stargaze, you made a good point. I'm not huge on the necessity of flu vaccinations, but for ones like polio and measles, I don't see why not. Though I did read some arguments that the measles can be easily treated in hospitals nowadays so it's not really necessary as a vaccine anymore. Who knows, really.
Personally, I don't see anything wrong with vaccinations. If I had kids I would put them all on the conveyor belt to get shots and all that. I'd be devastated if my refusal over shots led to my kids getting Polio or some other horrendous, yet preventable, disease. I couldn't live with myself.
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