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Have you guys heard of Floral Design Studio? It's an Australian outfit in the floral business. I point them out because they have some beautiful concepts that they have created for brides that I want you to see.
This exceptional white fondant cake with gold appliques is adorned with roses and orchids.
One of the reasons that I like to showcase international designers is because it's always great to know what's going on in the rest of the world. What's hot? What are the emerging trends? Stuff like that.
I love this woody design that features exotic plants and florals.
That drippy green "stuff" is called amaranthus. It's one of the most romantic and flexible greens you can design with. Amaranthus also comes in a deep burgandy color.
Great tablescape design for the center photo. I'd recommend a wider table, but it's still great. It's masculine design may not please everyone, but it's important to show all kinds of designs. There's a look for everyone.
I think you're on to somthing @marshalledgar. So much of what is in the American magazines is what is seen and done over and over across the US. I love the fresh perspective looking at what other brides do in other countries
I like the look of the second design too. It's not really feminine but still pretty.
These are designs that I would not have thought of. It's nice and pretty. I'd consider the second exotic design for around the reception