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The earthquake happened off the north eastern coast of Taiwan and was originally reported as a shallow, 6.8M earthquake. This prompted a tsunami warning for a wave of up to 1m to be issued for some parts of southern Japan, but the warnings were lifted after no significant wave activity was registered. The risk was mainly for those islands in most southern parts of the Okinawa chain of islands.
The epicenter was between Okinawa and Taiwan, about 75 kilometers from Taiwan and at a depth of 17 kilometers. No damage was recorded in Taipei, though minor shaking was felt in many office buildings.
Thankfully, it seems that this earthquake (the biggest one to threaten Japan so far this month) will have no high wave activity to follow it! Let's hope that remains the case.
@Spudsy2061 I had never realized just how many earthquakes actually happen daily. Sure, some are much smaller in scale, but the very real threat of one causing a big disaster daily is astonishing.
@greggr For sure. Better people thing there might be a disaster than to have people unprepared for one.
Seems like the warning was put out too soon, but I guess it's better than not sending one at all.
@amog32 It's like a geographical elephant in the room if you would.
Thank goodness there appears to be no real threat. I remember staying up all night watching the 2011 one. Earthquakes are a very real and present natural disaster. USGS's maps can be really astonishing at times.