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Ranging from $1,490 to $2,690 these Gabriel New York diamond engagement rings are some of the most magnificent low-cost diamond rings I have come across.
The trick to making a diamond ring looking bigger, badder and bestest is by the halo of diamonds around the center stone. Immediately, this increases the visual size--an optical illusion--and glitters even more from the tiny refractions of the smaller diamonds.
Can you guess which of these 12 rings is $1,490 and $2,690?
Here's what it looks like to have these on your finger!
@nixonwoman Look at these rings! These are a far cry from the kind of rings you post. I am in love with these!!! Great collection @marshalledgar
so many of these look the same if you look quickly. I can't really guess which one is worth what. They all look like they could be both prices.
Oh that rectangular ring in the second picture has gorgeous!
Thanks for the tag @darcysdiary Yes, these are marvelous rings. looking at these, just from the pictures, it seems like these are a really great find. If these really are as inexpensive as @marshalledgar says. :) I honestly cannot guess which is the cheapest of the bunch. I have to go to the website and find out.