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G A G G I N G !
(that's a good thing, people.)
Here is your quick lesson in color application. Sydney-based cake designer, Jon Schuman of Jon Schuman Cakes, created this epic rosy cake without the plastic effect of most American designed "pink" cakes.
This one features a lot of visual texture between the rolled fondant and feather-like ruffles. To give this cake its life, he chose a collage of colors to evoke a rosy romance. Ivory. Bronze. Pink. And a bunch of subtle colors in between.
From the dream team, Jemma-Jade, this rosy tablescape is a feast for the eyes. Notice how the pink isn't relegated to one shade or one flower. Look around. There are BLUE hydrangeas, purple Phlox, silver vessels, maroon candles, gold Chiavaris with copper-red chair pads. Combined, the fusion of colors create an ethereal rosy pink. Tons of visual texture like pictured is what separates the pros from the wanna-bes.
Can you guess the designer? I bet you can't! Trust me, when I first saw this rosy bliss of a dress I smiled and said to myself, Elie Saab did it again. EXCEPT...this isn't Elie Saab!!! More like Firas Abou Hamdan.
Don't fret, I am going to create a card devoted to Firas Abou Hamdan designs in the future. In the meantime you can visit his website here.
Are you SURE this isn't Elie Saab? @marshalledgar? lolol This is similar to Saab. true
I would love to have all three of these at my wedding IF I decide not to go through with the Tiffany Blue theme that I just love.
Were these all from the same event? I love this shade of pink. It's sooooo pretty.