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Before all the chemical and mass produced waxing products, sugar waxing was the method to remove unwanted hair. It's effective, natural and safe. It doesn't hurt to try and it feel more assure to know what I'm putting on my skin. I can't stand the smell of shaving cream.
What you need:
1 Cup sugar, white or brown
2 Tbs water
1.5 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tsp salt, optional
How to make it:
Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and let it simmer on low heat. Stir occasionally to make sure the sugar dissolve. After it become a thick golden syrup consistency turn off the heat. How to use:
Let the wax cool for bit before applying it on your skin. It should still be warm. Apply it on the area you want to wax. Then pull it in opposite direction of hair growth. Note: The wax is reusable. Store any leftover in a plastic container. Keep it in the fridge. The next time you want to use it, microwave the mixture for 10 seconds.
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it's supposed to say water
is sater supposed to be water?
oops sorry. just read the correction
you definitely need to wait to use, don't test it with your finger like i did. you will end up going to the emergency room馃槶
didnt even stick to my hair