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Let's just get one thing straight here, my Jon Schuman obsession is all about the edible cakery goodness that he creates. If there was ever a reason to tie the knot and do it in Sydney, it's for his dreamy confections! Look through his designs on this card or visit his website here to discover your favorite!
I can't imagine that it will be easy to decide.
As an added bonus, I wanted to show you this great chart for figuring out how many servings of cake you can expect to get from different sizes of cake. Notice the way the cakes are cut--not like pizza! Enjoy!
THANK YOU for adding the cake cutting diagram. This is really helpful. @marshalledgar
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Jon Schuman's use of metal is so exact and perfect. The cake with copper was my favorite
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It's funny to think how cakes have become so dramatic and bakers have become so creative. 30 years ago, cakes never looked like htis
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