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Love "FAITH" so much, n love "Lee + Kim" too...God Bless You always..
@relinashinee yup, I felt that same...I had this feeling like the OTP was so perfect and they could have used a lot more intimate moments/interactions throughout...and the resolution didn't feel quite as satisfying? I know some people get bored by the end of the drama when the leads get together and then the writers spend 1-2 episodes wrapping everything up but I actually enjoy that a lot and feel like our Imja couple could've used an episode or two of just pure bliss
@yourinsomnia trust me, wen it finished i really couldn't wrap my mind on it and even waited on Monday and Tuesday until my friend finally told me that it was over, and i felt like murdering the producers for making such a dumb intimate moments, liek they at leasst should have let em clash and kissed and all that lovey dovey stuff, but FAITH will always be one of my fave dramas, FAITH FOREVER :)
@relinashinee yessss, I agree wholeheartedly!
FAITH, I MISS YOU... WISHED IT WENT ON AND ON AND ON... *blubbering :) feeling sad that there is no more Mondays and Tuesdays to wait for FAITH :( buh yeah ...
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