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Sip different: A glass of wine or a beer with dinner is great, but keep it away from bed time. Try converting to a piping hot cup of tea instead.
Snack right: Certain snacking can support a healthy night's sleep. Opt for something light (around 150 calories) like these yummy 100 calorie snacks.
Pick up, pack up: Spend 10 minutes cleaning up your space and getting your bags ready for the next day. You wake up to an organized room and you spend less time getting ready in the morning!
Write it down: Don't try to make a mental list and expect to remember anything the next morning. Write what you need to remember tomorrow. You'll be much calmer in the morning!
Turn it off: Avoid anything with a screen at least 2 hours before bed time. That means a phone, TV, laptop, etc. Say goodbye to Netflix binges in bed, and unwind with a book or magazine instead.
Get to bed: Listen to your body when it's tired! Sleep is the number one factor in waking up fabulous!
I always fall asleep with chamomile tea, it works like a charm!
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Honestly, going to bed is the most important one. I can do anything the night before but as long as I have 7 hours of sleep I can pretty much get through anything in the morning.
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I'm trying to read to fall asleep reading more often but its hard when I don't want to stare at my ereader screen :/
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Waking up happier is all about falling asleep happier!
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