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Saw some people online today getting pretty upset that the famous North Gate at Yellowstone National Park will be changing. The North Gate is the only gate that's open year round and its the most famous.

This is the gate as it looked when it first opened. Pretty amazing for it's time.

And it still looks pretty amazing today.

So I wasn't sure why they're changing it but I did some more research on the official project site--and I can see why they're doing it. Because of the only entry way being through the gate and a small road, there is a lot of traffic. There's also nowhere for people who just want to see the gate to really stop without causing more congestion.
This is how they plan to change it, and sure, while I get why people are upset about the "Commercialism" and all that, it's really being done to make the overall experience of enjoying the arch and the entrance to the part more without having the congestion that exist so I don't see any issues with it.
Hopefully the the construction won't take too long!
@fallingwater They're upset that the whole feel of the area is going to change. @happyrock @marshalledgar No, they won't be getting rid of the arch or changing it at all, just changing the surroundings, I believe. @amog32 Sure it will, but I'm gonna be optimistic about this and hope it'll just lead to a smoother entrance into what you're really there for: the park itself.
@yakwithalan well thst makes a lot more Sense. but I understand the undesired change. I've never been there before, unfortunately.
@yakwithalan I think you're right that it's inevitable, but still it's going to change the whole feel of the main entrance to the park. In the long run this isn't such a bad thing (think about what the entrance to Mount Rushmore is like--tons of buildings and such) but it'll definitely change the overall feel.
They should just build another road or something that doesn't actually dismantle the gate.
Its really an inevitable change, so I just hope they do while preserving as much as possible. They're not actually touchin the arch, right?
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