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Confession: I kind of dig the look of paracord bracelets. Which means that I now have more than 3 that I like to regularly wear. Not just while hiking, but kind of....everywhere.
I had a guy on the trail call me out for it, saying that I must be new to hiking, or that I must have read some books (i.e. Wild) that led me to think that's what I need to be a hiker.
And I can kind of see his point. Paracord bracelets are everywhere. But does that mean I shouldn't wear one?
I get that they're not really going to save your life in most situations. But that doesn't mean that they won't, or that they aren't useful. And even if they aren't useful, is me wearing it really screaming HEY! THIS IS GONNA SAVE ME SO I'M A BETTER HIKER THAN YOU? I dont' think so. But I don't like being judged for my choice to wear them any more than I'd like being judged for the color of my shoes.
Do you guys think paracord bracelets are useless?
@WiviDemol I guess some people just don't think they'd be that helpful in emergencies?? Lol I don't know!! @happyrock So right! I can't believe I got upset with him for saying anything to me about it. I'll just keep doing what I want.
@fallingwater Exactly, lol. It's no one's business what gear you prefer unless it's something that's hurting the trails, etc.
@fallingwater haha lol :))
Someone actually said somethign to you about it?! What a hiking elitist. Lame. We all have different tastes and if you wanna wear one (be it for actual use or for fashion) just do it.
Never kept one myself, sorry!
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