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Yes, it's been ages but I realized I never posted the pictures I took at the Big Bang Concert. It was all sorts of fun! Some highlights: 1) I was really happy to see Top&GD perform their duets and also each individual members' solos. 2) GD was simply on fire. I haven't realized his aggressive image carried so well into an on stage presence. Top was rather mellow, but his incredible live singing (or was it just me being in be in ecstasy over hearing his sexy voice in real life?) more than made up for that. 3) The crowd singing Haru Haru must have made them very proud! Although I was a bit disappointed that they chose the ballad version of the song. 4) They were great at interacting with fans. GD practically made some girl faint by sitting next to her on stage (she was in the VIP area) and making faces at her and telling her how cute she is. I'm very much looking forward to going to another one of their concerts!