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Biggest Threat to the Olympics: Caterpillars

Apparently, terrorism is actually lower on the list as poisonous caterpillars have taken over London. They are covered in toxic hairs that can stir up reactions such as skin and throat rashes, watery eyes, vomiting, dizziness and even asthma attacks. While officials have destroyed upward of 700 nests, they fear the pests will be widespread across South East England in five years. You know what they say about moths being drawn to flame -- and the Olympic Games have a mighty big one. Another reason not to be in London this summer.
hahaha. 2nd to the caterpillars is THE TUBE BREAKING DOWN. so gonna happen
ewww and ouch. hope they can take care of them
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[Ladies' Week] Dara Torres - "Age is Just a Number"
So, @shannonl5 planned this awesome event, "Ladies' Week" (check out ~Announcing: Ladies' Week Event!~ just in case you haven't heard about it!). And in celebration of this awesome event, I wanted to start out with a female athlete that has inspired me: Dara Torres! Just in case you guys have never heard about Dara Torres, she is a former competitive swimmer who is also a twelve-time Olympic medalist and a former world record-holder in three events (50-meter freestyle, 4x100-meter freestyle relay, and 4x100-meter medley relay). But her medals and world records don't capture her whole story. There's more. Torres has competed in five different olympics: 1984 Los Angeles, 1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona, 2000 Sydney, and 2008 Beijing. That's right. Five different Olympics over the span of twenty-four years. She was 17 when she competed in her first ever Olympics and she took home a gold medal. She was 41 when she competed in her last one and took a silver medal home. Her life was definitely something you would not call perfect. She was already the oldest member on the U.S. swim team at the age of 33 during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She could not get pregnant at the age of 35. She was divorced twice by the age of 37. She had her first daughter at the age of 39. Her father also passed away that same year. But as Torres put it perfectly, "But when I was 41 and I woke up in a dorm in the Olympic Village in Beijing, I didn’t feel old. I felt merely—and, yes, happily—middle-aged. ‘The water doesn’t know how old you are.’" For her, age was just merely a number and her dedication and passion for swimming gave her the courage to try out for the 2008 Summer Olympics despite the personal barriers she faced. Torres wasn't quite finished though. After the 2008 Olympics, she underwent a knee surgery, but jumped back in the pool as soon as she was ready to swim once again. And she competed in the U.S. swimming trials to earn a spot on the 2012 London Olympics team for the 50-meter freestyle. She however was denied a spot. Jessica Hardy won first place with 24.50 seconds and Kara Lynn Joyce took the remaining spot. Dara was nine-hundredths of a second behind her sixth Olympics. She was 45 at the time. Even though she did not make it for the 2012 Olympics, she had no regrets, because she gave everything she had. She simply hugged her daughter, Tessa, and congratulated her fellow swimmers. [Video: 2008 Beijing Olympics Women's 4x100 Freestyle Relay Final/Torres's Last Olympic Medal] She has been such an inspiration for me and people all around the world. We sometimes put a limit on ourselves without even giving our best shot. Torres however never, ever made any excuses and simply focused on achieving her goals. I would like to end this card with my favorite Torres quote: "You don't have to put an age limit on your dreams."
6 Sh*tty Realities of Lifting Weights
The great thing about lifting weights is that you end up with a rockin' body. But sometimes lifting weights isn't as glamorous as the fitness magazines make it to be. Sure, the results can be gratifying, but the journey might be...awful. You Will Get Stronger That 5 pound bag of potatoes you grab at the grocery store will all of a sudden start feeling really light. Buying Clothes Will Suck Sometimes lifting weights builds incredible legs and glutes. But what that means is that you'll stop wearing regular jeans, and start wearing jeggings that brings even more glory to those perfectly sculpted glutes. Oh, the struggle! Stares Will Increase You already spend a generous amount of time mirin' your body at the gym, but you'll soon realize that everyone wants to stare at you too. You can feel their jealousy burn as they stare at your muscle striations in your arms. You'll Be Able To Bring in Groceries in One Trip Remember the time you used to make several trips to the house with groceries? Sorry, looks like you're going to make your life easier by just taking one trip. You Get To Eat More Food Oh god this is the worse. Because you lift weights heavy and often, your appetite is going to increase A LOT. Cheesebugers, steaks, cakes, and protein shakes -- you get to have them all, and you get to enjoy every damn calorie you worked hard to burn. You Get A New Fam: The Gym Fam All though gym rats become your new fam. They may bother you for a spot, for support, or to just show you all the damn love when you're about to max out on bench.
신이 모든 서사를 몰빵한 것 같은 운동선수
큰 언니 따라 놀러 갔다가 우연히 운동선수 시작 하지만 키가 크지 않아 만년 후보선수. 키가 자라지 않자 그만 두려 했지만 은사님이 만류 잘했던 동기들 덕분에 배구로 유명한 고등학교 진학 하지만 여전히 키는 작아 수비나 리시브 위주로 훈련 집중 세터 리베로 센터 여러 포지션을 전전함.(현재는 레프트 포지션) 그러다 키가 자라고 있던 시기에 선배 언니의 부상으로 기회 찾아옴. 점점 이름을 알리기 시작하면서 청소년 국가대표에 발탁 프로 1순위로 입단, 입단하자 마자 전년도 꼴찌팀 통합우승으로 이끔. 키자 작았을 때 했던 수비능력이 빛을 발함 (키가 크면 수비 측면이 약하기 때문에 지금 더 높은 평가를 받음) 신인이 타기 힘든 mvp를 타며 6관왕에 오름. 데뷔하자 마자 두각을 보이자 성인 국가대표에 발탁 신인이지만 국가대표 주전 자리를 꿰차며 국가대표 에이스가 됨. 엄청난 활약을 하면서 세계에 “김연경”이라는 이름을 알림 데뷔하자 마자 우승으로 계속 이끌자 더 큰 무대가 고픔 가까운 일본에서 먼저 검증을 받고 세계 무대로 나가기로 함. 국내에서 의심했고 일본에서도 용병으로 과연 성공할지 의심했지만, 텃세를 이겨내고 역시 꼴찌팀에 가까웠던 팀을 우승으로 이끔 (영입시 여론 안 좋았던 일본 팬들은 가지 말아달라고 붙잡고, 아직도 일본팀에서 선수 아니면 코치로 뛰어달라고 러브콜해온다고함) 좋은 조건으로 세계 최고 리그인 터키 진출. 진출하자 마자 유럽챔피언스리그 우승으로 이끌며 mvp수상. 2012 런던 올림픽에서 엄청난 활약으로 노메달 국가인 4위지만 독보적이기에 김연경에게 올림픽 mvp를 주게 됨 (거의 메달 딴 국가에서 선수를 선정하지만 몇 안되는 예외적인 경우) 어떤 한 기자가 질문하길, “당신은 세계 최고 공격수라고 평가를 받는다,그럼 세계에서 두번째는 누구라고 생각하는가?” 세계에서 “김연경”이라는 이름을 더욱 각인시키며 터키 페네르바체라는 팀에서 여러 해 보내며 개인상을 거머쥐고 우승을 하며 탄탄대로 커리어를 쌓음. 그러다 역대 최고 대우를 받으며 중국리그 진출 역시 우승으로 끌어올림. 다시 터키리그 엑자시바시 팀으로 복귀 현재 아시아인 최초로 유럽배구팀 주장을 맡고 있고, 최근 클럽챔피언십 대화에서 개인상 수상을 함 또한 fivb선수위원회에 속하고 있음 이로써 전 클럽대회에서 수상한 기록을 세움. 며칠 전 복근 4cm가 찢어진 상태(본인 피셜 한달 휴식해야할 정도임)로 진통제를 먹어가며 양 팀 통틀어 최다득점을 했고 올림픽 티켓을 따냄 리우 올림픽때 했던 식빵으로 인해 기센 언니 이미지지만 코트 안에서 자기 실수에는 냉정하고 선수들의 멘탈까지 잡아주는 참리더이자 정신적 지주임. 남부럽지 않은 커리어를 쌓아올렸지만 단 하나, 올림픽 메달만이 없는 상황. 국가대표 15년째 에이스, 과연 배구 강국들을 제치고 마지막 2020 도쿄 올림픽에서 메달을 걸 수 있을까? ㅊㅊ: 더쿠 !!실력 멘탈 리더쉽 애국심 모든게 완벽한 갓연경!! 갓연경님의 오랜바램이였던 올림픽메달 이번 도쿄에서는 꼭 걸 수 있기를 🙏
[펌] 기묘한 아프리카 부족민 근황
아프리카 부족민...이라고 하면 전형적으로 떠오르는 이미지는 뼈나 식물로 몸을 장식한 프리마티브한 이미지일텐데 뭐 대충 블랙팬서만 봐도 감이 올 거임 그런데 아직 이렇게 전통적인 패션을 유지하는 부족도 꽤 있지만, 최근의 아프리카 부족은 꽤나 독특한 방식으로 치장물이 바뀌고 있음 자연에서 얻을 수 있는 장식물보다 훨씬 패셔너블한 아이템이 생겼는데 현대문명에서 나오는 공산품들이 그거임 부족민들은 종종 도시에서 버려진 물건들을 찾아 패션 아이템으로 이용하는데 특히 요즘 에티오피아 근처 부족민들은 참 시대를 앞서가고 있음 좀 많이 앞서 가서 포스트 아포칼립스 풍이다 사이클롭스. 버려진 알약 껍데기로 썬글라스를 만들었다. 춘봉이. 썩지도 않고 색깔도 다양한 플라스틱 머리핀은 부족민들에게 레어 아이템이다. 손전등을 통째로 귀고리로 사용하는 케이스 이중에서도 가장 인상적인게 병뚜껑 가발인데, 에티오피아의 다사낙 부족은 ㄹㅇ 실사판 풀아웃 사회를 형성했음. 이 부족 사이에서 병뚜껑 가발은 사회적 지위를 상징하는 패션 아이템이라 엄청나게 중요하다. 이들 부족 사이에서 병뚜껑은 엄청난 가치를 지니기 때문에, 많은 병뚜껑을 사용해서 가발을 만들수록 잘 사는 금수저란 뜻이 됨. 아이들은 대체로 병뚜껑만 사용해서 가발을 만들고 나이 먹은 부족 장로쯤 되면 훨씬 더 고급진 템을 이용해서 치장을 할 자격을 얻게 된다 도시에선 1회용으로 쓰고 버리는 병뚜껑들을 모으기 위해서 하루종일 땅에서 보석을 캐서 병뚜껑이랑 바꾸는 경우도 있다고 하니 현대인이 보기엔 참 특이한 일임 [출처 - 디시인사이드 고질라맛스키틀즈]
6 Korean Olympians To Watch!
You know I can't WAIT for the Olympics so let's look at a few awesome Olympians representing South Korea :D PS: 올림픽 - oh-lim-pik! Ki Bo Bae - Archery A South Korean archer who was ranked the world’s number one archer in August 2015. She is the current World Championship and the defending Olympic champion in archery. An Chang Rim - Judo South Korea’s premier lightweight Judo champion and the nation’s representative in the 2016 summer olympics. He is currently ranked first in the world and seeded first in the Olympics. Kim Ji Yeon - Fencing A South Korean sabre fencer and the 2012 Olympic champion. Having started foil fencing at the age of 13, she is the first South Korean woman to win a gold medal in fencing in the Olympic games. Shin A Lam - Fencing A fencer whose 2012 duel sparked a huge controversy in the Olympic games after a timekeeping error gave her opponent a timing advantage. When South Korea immediately appealed the decision, Shin waited for over an hour on the duelling ground, in accordance to the fencing bylaws, while judges deliberated and eventually gave the win to Shin’s opponent. Son Yeon Jae - Rhythmic Gymnastics An individual rhythmic gymnast, dubbed the “National Fairy” of South Korea. She has won titles in the 2014 Asian Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2014 World Championships. Calling it now: she's going to be the next Kim Yuna and have her face on EVERY advertisement lol! Park Tae Hwan - Swimming An Olympic swimmer who is the first South Korean to win an Olympic medal in swimming. He has competed and won medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, and is to compete once more in the upcoming 2016 games. Who else is PUUUUUMPED for the Olympics?!