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Many of us have the misconception that carbohydrates will eventually turn to fats and hence when we talk about wanting to go on a diet, the first thing we eliminate from our daily food list will be bread and similar starchy products rich in carbohydrates. However, carbohydrate is actually one of the three main type of nutrients required by our body. Take a look at the friends around you and you will find that some friends are still slender and have a good body shape even though they consume food rich in carbohydrates. The reason is simply because they have a higher metabolism rate as compared to others. Hence let's approach diet in another perspective - which is to increase our metabolism rate instead. To increase our metabolism rate, we would first of all need to build up the amount of muscles in our body which would only be possible if we have enough carbohydrates in our body. So let's turn this carbohydrates into muscles instead of fats shall we? :)
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