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Hello everyone! I'm attending a school rollerskating event this Friday and I need suggestion for a retro hairstyle! The theme is suppose to be vintage and I have medium hair length. I'll be wearing a blue blouse with polka and a pair of red shorts. Below are the hairstyles I'm thinking of. Thanks for the help!
1. Curled hair with pin-back bangs.
2. Pin back half-up half-down style (I don't have bangs though).
3. Soft curls and half up style with a headband.
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I like hairstyle #2 just because it looks more retro!
Thanks for answer! I'm actually going with hairstyle #1. =)
Sounds like fun!! You can always fake bangs... you curl the front of your hair & pin it... I am a big fan of the victory roll... there are alot of how to videos on you-tube
All are GORGEOUS! But I love #2
I want this hairstyle. to cute