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tag by @aabxo
2. my baby k.will
4. no he is not my first one was bae yong joon an actor. but i bais him because of first i heard his song love is punishment i suddenly found myself cry which i am not this kind of person can easy cry. and sure i can have his voice with me in every where in the car in my phone when i am working out
5. favorite physical feature smiling close eyes
8. i will take him in the island Mahmiya in red sea Hurghada city egypt ( this a real photo i take it last summer)
9. the song suit him will and want to tell him his song love blossom because when he was singing this song his feature reaction was perfect
and this song mix between k.will soft voice and chanyeol great modeling you don't know love
13. @mattk95, @ambie, @sherrysahar,@kpopandkimichi,@danidee
waiting for ur comments my friends
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Loved it :)
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3 years ago·Reply
I wanna do this gross bias tag but I don't know how haha..don't know how to start :)
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Love it
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I love K.Will! I think he looks like he could be Daesung's big brother.
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