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Lets Love I love love love everything about this video!!! The clothes, the choreography, The way they look, their voices freaking amazingggg.
Justice Another great video, you can tell they have a passion for what they do :) Meet the members below :D
Birth Name: Yoo Ba Rom Stage Name: Rome Birthday: September 6, 1990 Position: Leader, Rapper Height: 174 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @romecclown Twitter: @RoME_Cclown -He's from Australia
Birth Name: Kim Tae Min Stage Name: Siwoo Birthday: May 5, 1993 Position: Vocalist Height: 177 cm Weight: 62 kg Blood Type: O Twitter: @Siwoo_CclowN
Birth Name: Kim Hyun Il Stage Name: Ray Birthday: April 19, 1994 Position: Vocalist Height: 176 cm Weight: 62 kg Blood Type: O Twitter: @soccer4065
Birth Name: Kang Jun Stage Name: Kangjun Birthday: April 21, 1994 Position: Main Vocalist Height: 173 cm Weight: 62 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @cckangjun Twitter: @kangjun_Cclow
Stage Name: Lee Min Woo Stage Name: T.K Birthday: December 20, 1995 Position: Rapper Height: 178 cm Weight: 55 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @tkkkkkx Twitter: @TKtopkid -He's a former member of BtoB, but never promoted with them
Birth Name: Lee Jae Joon Stage Name: Maru Birthday: September 25, 1997 Position: Rapper , Maknae Height: 175 cm Weight: 56 kg Blood Type: A Twitter: @Maru_CclowN
Well, that's C-Clown what do you guys think?? btw Rome and Siwoo are my bias :D <3
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Yayy same biases ;) @NellybugJohnson
3 years agoยทReply
so... I'm so upset. I heard Rome is leaving...
3 years agoยทReply
@nenegrint14 I know!!! It's so upsetting!!! Oh I wonder if he will come back to Australia.....
3 years agoยทReply
@jiggzy19 if he does.. I'm coming to visit you haha
3 years agoยทReply
@nenegrint14 deal! Lol
3 years agoยทReply