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A Japanese-based design studio, Triple Bottom line, in collaboration with DMM.make AKIBA, has snow shown some of the tremendous possibilities that 3d printing can provide in the production of bicycles.
The design studio is now showing off their prototype of what they believe will become a reliable 3d printed road bike, the DFM01.The majority of the DFM01's components are 3d printed using selective laser sintering (SLS) of titanium. The bike, weighing at only 15 pounds, competes with light-weight carbon fiber framesets made via traditional manufacturing.
The price for the final product has not yet been set, but is expected to cost a hefty 500,000 to 700,000 Japanese Yen ($4200 – $5900) for the frame alone, so this bike won’t be something your typical cycling hobbyist will be purchasing. However, it will be a bicycle that could be quite attractive to those who race on a consistent basis.
What do you think about this unique 3D printed bike? Looks pretty futurist to me!
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I think it's beautiful. Really unique design concept for the joints
Agree with @TeamWaffles those joints look sick! I can't keep up with this technology man it's blowing my mind everyday.
Love the desing of the joints. Very cool