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A video clip shows the terrifying moment that an angry male gorilla, a silverback, charges angrily at a little girl and cracks the glass to his enclosure by slamming his body against it.
The little girl unwittingly provoked the dominant silverback by beating her chest repeatedly. Although the girl and her family thought they were having fun from behind the safety of the glass pane protecting the enclosure, the gorilla interpreted the gesture as a challenge to his dominance.
Accepting the challenge from an unworthy opponent, the gorilla approaches, gathers momentum, and then puts his entire weight behind a powerful slam that cracks the glass.
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Yeah no thank you. Nope nope no. Scary!!!
3 years ago·Reply
Okay why did you have to go and make me afraid of zoos!
3 years ago·Reply
You would think they would equip this place with thicker glass...wasn't expecting it to break
3 years ago·Reply