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While Malik has remained mostly silent since parting ways with the boys, he seems to be busy at work on solo material. Meanwhile, the One Direction quartet are already working on their fifth album, which is expected to drop this year.
Zayn's message is short and sweet, with a little clarification to stop any rumors or conspiracy theories in their tracks.
In case you were confused, he's not using x to do algebra on Twitter, or to mark the spot of buried treasure -- he's just sending a kiss.
he sure is sweet :)
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I hope he is happy, cause he's just plain awesome
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I hope he's happy too. I was never a big 1D fan, but I really appreciated that Zayn Malik was a young Muslim guy who was also a celebrity. I feel like there's a lot of misconceived assumptions about Muslim people, so it was nice that he was out there showing that, even as the one Muslim out of the group, he behaved like just another guy!
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I really hope that both Zayn and 1D can have a solid future, they all seem like pretty nice guys.
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