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Believe it or not the runway is one of the best place to scout for daily hairstyle inspiration. Most hairstyles are easily to replicate because designers tend to go easy with the beauty routine to emphasize on the designer wear. With that said, below are five runway hairstyles under five minutes for busy mornings.

Side Ponytail

Part your hair to the side and secure it in a ponytail. Let your natural locks fall over your shoulder. Put a little hairspray on to tame fly aways and you're ready to go.

Slick Bun

Pull your hair back and twist it into a tight bun. Use bobby pins to secure it. Then take a leather cuff and wrap it around the bun. Secure it once more with bobby pins.

Statement Hair

Here's a grown up way to wear a head piece. Part your hair to desire side. Then secure the thicker side with a colorful barrette.

Messy Braid

If you don't have time to hop in the shower, braid your hair! Use a texture spray to give your hair a little volume to work with then start braiding a the nape of the neck.

Low Ponytail

If you have fine, straight hair try this low ponytail twist. Tie your hair in a normal low ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Then take an inch section from the ponytail and wrap it around to cover the elastic. Finally, pin it to place!
The messy braid looks like my post-beach hair. lol
@stargaze you can find them at etsy!
All these hairstyles are great for work but my favorite one is the barrette. It's different!
I've been seeing those leather cuff a lot lately. Where can I find them?
@alise I agree except for the messy braid! That one might have people questioning if that's a second day hair.
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