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4/20 is almost over, but I thought it'd be cool to share a video that really represents the huge shift in thinking about marijuana. Ex-cops smoking weed. Yep.
Cut, the video creator, said they would have loved to have gotten cops that had never smoked before, but they had a hard enough time finding ex-cops willing to smoke on camera.
It's funny, really. All three of these cops had smoked once or twice before they became officers. I'm pretty sure the middle guy probably still smoked, because he seems just a bit too experienced at getting that bong going. They even said that they, overall, aren't against marijuana. One of them said he believed it to be a gateway drug, but he also didn't believe sending people to jail or prison for smoking was the way to go.
I'm starting to think that everyone over the age of 60 has tried pot at sometime, and that's pretty dope. Ask your grandparents. Maybe they've tried it, too.
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The pink shirt guy at the end. Holding a joint, asks if anybody wants it. When nobody takes it he's just like..."okay" and stares at it
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@timeturnerjones You're pretty desensitized as a police officer over that course of time in the blue. My father was one for 21 years in Philadelphia. He has a plethora of stories he could tell, some of them hilarious, some odd, some downright brutal, and some far beyond anything you could imagine. After years of seeing stuff like that I would suppose there's not much more that could rouse your emotions. I expect that to be the case with these 3 gentlemen. @drwhat This was a great video! Thanks for sharing!
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@Spudsy2061 Glad you liked it! Interesting insight about your dad, too. I wondered if these guys were just chill because they're used to not reacting, unlike the grandmas in the other video where they so clearly are being effected lol
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@Spudsy2061 Didn't even think of that XD
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