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There's nothing more terrifying than dinosaurs. Or maybe there is because in Jurassic world the main culprit of all the damage you're seeing is a genetically modified dinosaur and that just sounds like a bad idea so I don't get why anyone tried to make one!!!!
I was a big fan of all the Jurassic Park movies, so I'm pretty pumped for this new addition to the series. But, I haven't watched many of the trailers and teasers until today!!! Here they are for anyone else who is a bit behind :D
The park opens on June 12th. Who wants to go?
(not me. Well, not to the actual park. I wouldn't mind going to see the movie.)

New, Global Trailer!

Official Trailer #1

Super Bowl Spot

TV Spot 2

@missophiestik Yeah I think so! It should be pretty good, I just think it's gonna be a bit....scary? Not horror movie scary but oh god what if this happened scary lol. @riva Me either!!!
@timeturnerjones hahah you know what they say that anything's possible!
@missophiestik Someday I feel like that might totally happen but its really kind of scary!!!! Can't help but be kind of glad I probably won't be around to witness it XD That's crazy that they can do that kind of things these days!!
@timeturnerjones have you heard that scientists were able to bring back a plant from like thousands of years ago from some seed preserved? maybe someone out there have some sort of dinosaur dna preserved into ice and able to bring it back??! haha
Can't wait to watch this!!!
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