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Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, in a somewhat surprising move, has changed his plea of not guilty on one account of a threat to kill to guilty. He also pleaded guilty to one count each of possession for marijuana and methamphetamine.

Uncontrolable Anger

Rudd had offered an associate $153,000 and either "a motourbike, one of his cars, or a house" in order to see one of the many employees Rudd fired to be "taken out". Rudd was angry over his solo CD, which did not impress in Australia's charts and essentially flopped.Rudd now faces up to 7 years in prison for the threat to kill charge and up to an additional 9 months for the possession charges. He is currently out on bail while awaiting sentencing.
@Spudsy2061 Yeah, it's likely he'll somehow be let off when less to that or he'll at least get to stay in one of those nicer prisons because he is famous and has money.
@nehapatel Agreed. It's very disgusting.
I'm sorry, but he wanted someone killed over an album that flopped? Didn't he consider that all great successes have great failures sometimes, too? Disgusting.
@amog32 I think it was. I'd imagine he'd have to serve SOME jail time but I doubt he'll get the max 7 years. Then again, we said that of quite a lot of celebrities over the yeah have we not?
Wonder if it was a plea deal to help him get a lower sentence. Should be interesting to see what he ends up with.