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Last night I was doing my manicure and I made a mistake with one nail. I didn't want to use nail polish remover to undo the mistake so I just wiped it off as is. To my surprise the polish did come off but there were some residue. I tried it again with a layer of top coat and it removed all the color.
It was mind blowing because I used to spend so much on nail polish removers.
I did some googling and see if other people used the same method before and apparently I'm not the only one who tried it.
Try it out on your old manicure and see if it works!
What a handy trick for when you don't have a nail polish remover.
What a great idea. Would have never thought of that.
Okay, you convinced me and I tried it. Works pretty well but I still like using nail polish remover.
No way! That's how I clean up my polish mistakes but that's because I'm lazy to wipe the remover on my nails.