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What you see on these images are color pigments dancing on a speaker. By placing the pigments on a speaker and then playing music through it, the membrane of the speaker starts to vibrate, creating these funny looking figures. To capture the very moment, in which the pigments are lifted into the air, a microphone was attached to the flash system. Each time the microphone picks up a sound, it triggers the flashes. Fabian Oefner is a professional photographer, specialized in ad, industrial and editorial photography. He lives near Zurich, Switzerland, where he runs a photo studio.
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I love when photographers think outside the box. This is such a neat idea and the idea came out beautifully.
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@YinofYang ya i agree, i wanna take photos like these too!
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@redolphin Well, if either of us ever does, be sure to post it! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
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