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JW asks SY to call his name, then he's sure she's SY that he've been looking for. Are SY gonna admit it? HJ is looking what JW and SY are doing. JW thinks of SY but thinks he's just misunderstanding. After calling JW's name three times, SY says "Now I think it's done. It seemed like u said goobye to ur lover. Well, I will be ur friend. You wanna go for drinking? I will treat u." So they go for drinking. SY asks "Do I still look like the woman that u're looking for?" JW says "U looks so similar with her. Ur voice, ur smiling.." SY says "I got adopted when I was young, so I don't even know my age. Then how u part with ur lover?" JW says "Well..I was good at running. Sorry, u can't catch wat I mean, huh? I'm just boasting." JW takes SY to home. "Give me ur phone number. Let's go to cafe next time." But SY refuses it. Then SY says "How about secret friend then?" The saying reminds JW of young SY's saying which confuses him. Then JW's phone rings then he knows the ciminal who assulted SY was murdered. Coming home, SY says "I met Han Jung Woo.." Suddenly HJ says "Marry me. If u mind it, let's get engaged." SY says "Why u say it suddenly? Let's do it later. I met JW not because I liked him. I pretended I didn't know, but he annoys me continually." JW sees the criminal died. He cries, "U must not die..! U told me u know where SY is. I have to find who ordered him to lie he killed SY..!" Even worse, he can't participate in investigating the accident cuz the criminal's friend pointed JW as suspect. He gets angry of it. *The criminal's name is Sang Deunk. I'm gonna write it as SD from now on. But cleaning woman promises to be spy for JW and he's pleased with it. Policer's head says to president TJ, "I stoped JW to participate in this accident. So don't worry about it." In the meanwhile, JW struggle to know sth about the investigating. Then suddenly, SY comes to JW. "For what u came here?", he asks. SY says "I got a message which threatens me. A women sent it to me. It's illegal to take my photo without permission, right?" JW says "Yeah, it's illegal. U wanna me to contact to related department?" SY says "Well..I wanna for u to solve it. That's more comfortable. The woman's name is Hwang Mi Ran." JW sees it and recognizes his mom. (Hwang Mi Ran is JW's stepmother.) In the meanwhile, HJ goes to a bank to deposit 500,000,00000W. The bank's president is TJ and orders Nam secretary to treat the client. (President TJ doesn't recognize HJ.) SY wonders how's her mom living, so she goes to restuarant where her mom is working. JW and Myeng Hee(SY's mom) are walking, and JW says "I met a woman who looks similar with SY." MH gets surprised, but gets angry soon saying "Don't make fun of me!" At that night, JW waits for SY cuz they had plan to have a tea in a cafe. SY and HJ are drinking wine and sees how long JW would wait for SY. Finally JW leaves and head to the scene of incident. He finds a restuarant's phone number and asks some questions to the restuarant's owner. She says "The man (SD) came here. It seemed like he got car accident and called to a presidnet." JW checks hidden camera to investigate more. There, he sees SD got accident with HJ and met SY. In the cemera, SY is puzzling as he approaches to her. Seeing it, JW thinks she's SY once again. SY is walking then JW suddenly comes to her. "Today it rains. We promised to go to a cafe. Let's go.", JW says. But SY refuses him, saying "HJ will come here to take me." JW says "I can't feel interested in being secret friend. Let's be secret lover to each other." And HJ is seeing it. Preview of EP.8) Policers investigate who killed SD and they conclude the murderer is SY. JW gets shocked about it.
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thanks a lot, great help as always..^^... my god, what will happen to su yeon when it is known that she killed that guy who raped her?
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