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No matter what skin type you have, your skin NEEDS moisture. Our skin's barrier (aka acid mantle) should have a 5.5 pH balance to keep moisture in while defending it from toxins. The best way to tell if you skin is healthy is look and feel the texture (e.g. skincare products will absorb better and makeup will go on smoothly).
When your skin is not balance it will feel dry and will be prone to breakouts. So how do you correct acidic or alkaline skin?
Tone your skin! Toner is absolutely necessary maintain a neutral pH balance. If your skin is currently not in its best state you can use this method below to bring it back to balance.

DIY Lotion Mask

This method works the same as essence mask or sheet mask but you'll be making your own solution.
Non-Scented Kleenex, cotton sheets
Skin Lotion (toner) or Essence
Soak the tissue or cotton sheet in your solution. Then apply it on your face. Leave it for 3 minutes and remove it. You don't have to rinse. Then follow with your regular routine skincare routine.
When you do this before applying makeup your application will be smooth and flawless.
NOTE: If you're using kleenex separate the ply, so you're working with a thin layer. For the cotton sheet, soak it in water first before using the solution. Then gently pull it until it thins out before applying to your face.
Refer to the video above for a quick demonstration!
Questions, comments or suggestions? Leave your thoughts below! :)
Im glad you tried it and gave some feedback @maymay75 because I want to try this now.
I just tried it this morning and my face is glowing! =)
They also sell untreated cotton sheet masks.
What happens if you leave it longer than 3 minutes?
I remember trying a shiseido essence mask (I receive as a gift) and my skin was glowing after the application but it's $6 for one sheet. It's too expensive for a one-time use. I like this DIY method better. Do you have a skin lotion recommendation for combination skin?