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Want to go bob this summer? Go for it because you can still rock an braided updo with shoulder length hair. Thanks to the beauty department for this awesome trick. Let's get practicing!
1. Start dutch braiding from your forehead.
2. Once you reach the ear switch your hands and continue braiding the and secure it with an elastic.
3. Repeat the process to the opposite side and this is how it should look so far. Tip: to get the bulky braid style put on some dry shampoo and and gently pull the loops to loosen it.
4. If you lift your hair up you'll notice the part is not even, but it's okay!
5. Tie up the rest of the hair and secure it.
6. Cross the two braids over by creating an "X" and secure it with bobby pins.
7. If you feel like it's might fall off secure it small bobby pins or u-pins. That's it!
Hope you like this tutorial! Let me know if you want to see more hairstyle inspirations or tips for short hair!
@keslaral You can make the braid look fuller by gently expanding the outside edges.
wish my thin hair looked as full as this
That's a slick trick (hiding half of the hair in knot and braiding the top half)!
I was trying to replicate this hairstyle with my shoulder length hair and I trouble making an even braid. Any tips?
A couple days ago, I was complaining about my medium length hair (how it's hard to style). I'm taking back what I said. I'm trying this tomorrow!
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