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Mughal-Style Colombian Emerald Ring
Offered by one of the most distinguished jewel galleries in the world, RAF Jewels is by appointment only. In an effort to refrain from pomp and to maintain an uncompromising and exceptional level of class and discretion, RAF does not disclose financial information.
Can you guess how much this costs?
It's an emerald and diamond gold Mughal style ring. Impressive in both size and quality, the mughal-style ring is set with a carved heart and vibrant green hexagonal 47.68 carat Colombian Emerald and held with six round rose-cut diamonds weighing a total of 1.82 carats, set in 18kt yellow gold with a 24kt gold finish. It's handmade too.
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Nixonwoman I sent you a message hope you got it and that you like the ring I shared with you.
My dear @Heartofgold35 I didn't get any messages from you. Please send me the note again if you could. I am eager to see this fabulous ring you mentioned. Could it be a ruby? Maybe a pearl? hmmm. :)
If this was put onto a necklace or a bracelet, then it would be wearable. TOo large otherwise.
I don't know how, but i missed this. I am late to the party. Love this though!!!