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You've heard of it. But is it real? Shambhala, based on the Hindu belief in Kaliki of Sambhala, is the Buddhist version of the ultimate place of peace and tranquility. It's alleged that it's located at the center of the Earth and accessible through seven hidden and guarded gates. Esoteric lore seems to indicate that access is only granted by its inhabitants--the implication being that any other method of entering would result in a tortuous death.
Ideas like this have led most to consider Shambhala as a throw-away story. Yet how can one explain the cabochon? The Sons of Men, a term used in the the Torah referring to mankind, are thought to have created the table cut stone. But it was the Sons of God, a term also used in the Torah referring to Nephilim, that are said to have passed on knowledge of the cabochon to humanity. While the cabochon won't glitter nor reflect the light of a table cut stone, it is said to have the physical property of a nuclear reactor.
This 16 carat Kashmir cabochon studded ring features a large sugar loaf sapphire at the center, surrounded by cabochon amethysts. In time past, amulets paired with both sapphire and amethyst stones, were instrumental in warding off evil spirits. Fantasy? What if the story is more true than we know? Maybe the stones are merely an ancient version of a modern-day key.
We know today that the combination of these stones synchronize harmonic frequencies that cannot be heard, but produce wavelengths of "force" that have yet to be explained. What if the "power" from the cabochons is a dimensional very real, yet undiscovered, law that contributes to the majesty of life in Shambhala?
Could wearing this ring actually bring us past the seven chakras, beyond the zenith and to the singularity?
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It's a ring that seems magical and other-worldly
OOoo! I like that comment! @Heartofgold35. I wouldn't have thought to say that. I need to expand my language skills. Everything to me is either cute or gorgeous. Poetry... <3 <3
I am really stunned by the amount of cabochons on just one ring. Never before have I seen so many. It's one of those rings you can't stop looking at.
Sheer poetry gems wise.
You all make me so happy with your banter back and forth @heartofgold35 and @daniachicago Also, until we get an actual science team to drill to the core of the earth we cannot say--definitively--that the earth is not hollow. lol
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