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I was Ryou from Gourmet Girl Graffiti on Sunday of Tekko! This was probably my favorite show that I watched recently, and I love and really connect with Ryou!
Anyone who knows me knows I love food and I LOVE to eat. I also really enjoy cooking for my friends and family, but not so much when it's just me!
Such a simple cosplay, but I'm really happy I got to bring Ryou to life. I'll be wearing this A LOT in the future! I'm already imagining all of the food themed photoshoots I can do!
Cross posting this pic from Instagram and Facebook!
Can't say I know this anime--anyone got a synopsis for me
If that's what your eyes actually looked like that would be a little scary XD
So cute!!! I feel like I've never seen you do a school outfit style cosplay before Jenni!! It works well. The hair is like....a weird re-imagining of your natural hair lol
So cute!!! Where did you get those lenses? The color is really nice. You must have light eyes though I don't think it'd be as good on mine :(