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May is a week away and some of you might be getting ready for college or your first job in the next month or so. @alise recently posted a card on how to look stylish for an interview. I was inspired by her post and wanted to make a card on the basics. Before you purchase anything fancy keep in mind that some jobs might not have a strict rule for office attire. You can look prim and polish for the first interview but when you go in for work you can dress in your casual wear. The best thing to do before investing in a closet full of professional garments is to have the basics.

Tailored Blazers

This is the shell of your entire look. Even without a dress shirt a blazer will make you look put together and professional. A tailored blazer is the way to go but if you want a looser fit a boyfriend blazer is always versatile. If you want a feminine touch choose a ruche sleeve or a blazer that hits the waist.

Airy Blouses

Silk or chiffon blouses can be dressed up or down. Avoid patterns and stick with solid fabrics for a sophisticated style. You can always accessorize with statement necklaces if it's too plain for you. For a feminine touch look for drape or ruffle blouses.

Tailored Bottoms

Believe it or not a bottom can make or break your entire outfit. You don't want to wear something too tight, too short or too loose. I love wearing cigarette pants because it gives me a loose slim fit and they look great with any type of shoes. For skirts, I recommend an a-line pencil skirt that hits right at the knee. During summer you might want to invest in a pair of relaxed fit trouser for a breezy fit.
What's your interview outfit staple? Share below!
@NixonWoman They're kind of like leggings/trousers.
@NixonWoman a brooch? I haven't heard of that in so long!
Thanks for tagging me! My interview staple is a knee-length pencil skirt and round neck blouse!
I wouldn't DARE wear ponte pants. HAHA I just found some online. They'd look dynamite on me, say, 20 years ago...
Are you revealing my age my dear @alise? lolol @madeleine what are ponte pants? I have not heard that term before. Thank you :)
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