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Shouldered with two trillion cut diamonds, this Burma sapphire, set in platinum, is a dangerous engagement ring. To wear it is to border on the macabre side of things. It's quite possible, under the right light, talking with your hands, like when you've been pulled over by a cop, to distract those around you with one of the most brilliant sapphires ever seen. To be blunt, it'd stab their corneas blind. Sort of like love.
This ring is being offered through RAF Jewelers, by appointment only.
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I'm already blinded by love. But this sort of seals the deal. I'd love a ring like that.
I have to be honest with you @marshalledgar, I am not an expert on sapphires. Burma or otherwise, I am not the most learned because I've spent all my time learning about rubies. :)
I think I read somewhere that if you heat up stones, the color is richer and attains a color that is not possible if unheated.
Maybe it's just the photo and lighting, but it seems sort of fake. I think that large rings like this that cost a lot of money will give the wrong impression. People will assume it's fake.
Love this ring. that blue color!!!!