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Economic makeup organizing
I was fed up of having all my makeup in one huge bag till one day I saw these cute little colored organizing boxes ! Organized my makeup by categories & best part is each box was only $1-2on Amazon.com ! Benefits of organizing your makeup... 1)We tend to always be in a rush, having your basics set apart to use makes it easier! Nobody likes spening ten minutes looking for their eyelash curler! 2) We get to vary the makeup we use, since we do tend to forget what we have. 3)if ever running out of something it will be beasier to figure out if you have a backup! Hope I've inspired some of ya
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Great tips! It's SO helpful to have an organized makeup collection. I used to put them all in a pouch but my collection outgrew the size and I need something better to store them. I like using clear plastic containers to to store shadows.
Seriously, I can never find my eyeliner. I deeply agree on the necessity of makeup organizer.
@AlohaJPark yes ! "Cosmetic Storage Box Bag Bright Organiser Foldable Makeup Stationary Container"
@iluvdurian31 I feel your struggle! I've bought new ones, fully convinced I had lost some and was annoyed to fund them later 馃榿