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1) Eat slowly and at your own pace It is easy for you to eat more than you need if you eat fast. This is because we will only feel full 20 minutes after consumption. 2) Sit as you eat It is easy to get distracted standing and a sitting position will also aid in digestion. 3) Concentrate on eating Do not just swallow your food, put your mind into eating, chew and feel the taste of it. As you concentrate on chewing, you will be able to better enjoy the food. In this way, you are well aware of how much you have eaten and hence prevent unnecessary overeating. 4) Eat food which are tasty Eating for the sake of eating can harm your health instead when you consume unhealthy or untasty food. Find the right kind of food which are not too greasy or oily to your body and eating home-cooked food is always the better option to eating out! 5) Eat with someone else Eating with a partner is definitely more enjoyable and at the same time generally requires a longer period of time as compared to eating alone. Enjoy your meals over laughable topics! 6) Do not fill your plate to the brim It is easy to eat more than intended if you fill your plate to the brim or if you place your food in a large plate. 7) Eat as though you are eating out at home We generally spend more time eating when we eat out. Hence it is important to maintain the same eating habit even at home by having our appetiser, usually salad, before our main course and then enjoy a plate of fruits over talk with our family members. Let's all work towards a healthier eating habit and diet! :D