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Learning to write, we learn that the best writing is that which winds down the twists and turns of the story to bring forth the....wait, I'm getting wordy. To put it simply, we learn that writing must be full of the classic style we grow up reading.
I came across a great video briefly explaining why the kind of writing that feels like those classics tends to, well, not work!
There are two fantastic quotes that are pointed out here.
1) 'The best rule for writing – as well as for speaking – is to use always the simplest words that will accurately convey your thought.’ – David Lambuth, The Golden Book of Writing

2) "If it sounds like writing, rewrite it."

Remember, though, that not using big words unnecessarily is good, but it should be done with care. "Get" and "receive" are not interchangeable. "Get" implies action while "receive" implies less or no action and requires action from someone or something else. These subtle variations help paint more vivid pictures when used intentionally--so choose your simplicity wisely!
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I'll be the first person to say I'm the worst at writing concisely. But I'm good at reading something and knowing how it could be more concise....guess I'm meant to be in editing!
Great tips!!! I can't get through a sentence if I feel like the words are unnecessarily pompous. Be pompous for a reason, or not at all!
@hikaymm @timeturnerjones Glad you liked the card.