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I'm not too far from Ohio at certain times of year, but I don't really get over there for hiking usually. I just came across this blog post about the best "underrated" hikes in Ohio, and was just wondering if any of these are really worth it to try out? Anyone been to them before?
1. Hell Hollow - Upstream
2. Hell Hollow - Downstream
3. Land of a Thousand Waterfalls (It can be accessed from Indian Point Park. Simply park your car at the main parking lot and walk upstream along the Creek until you hit the first tributary, then follow it.)
4. Big Creek At Liberty Hollow
5. Chair Factory Falls
6. Baker Road Park
7. Little Known Falls (another one the author lists as a personal local he likes to hike, not really known by that name)
@happyrock That's trust i Just wanted sure where to begin and I dont know the guy personally so didnt want to just follow his advice but maybe I will just go give it a try
@happyrock Planning to go at the end of the month.
@yakwithalan Did you get to go yet?
All the pictures look beautiful. Maybe I'll have to go to Ohio next time I get a chance! Feel like I could find some similar locations around here though
I've never been hiking there, but I would say just follow that guys list! He's clearly a local and has got his knowledge down to the exact side road to walk down. Can't go wrong with that. Just bring a GPS just in case!